Heirs of the Stolen Lands Chapter 4

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Wedding bells have not yet faded, but Erholtmark faces its most dire perils yet! As barbarians threaten from the West, allies become enemies. But will enemies become friends? To the north the Empire of Brevoy seems resolute on tearing itself apart. To the south Mivon rattles its many sabres. The Orcs of Iobaria are a continual threat.

While the brave regiments of Erholtmark march and counter-march to meet the rising threats, the solution to their problems may lay long-mired in the perilous bogs and marshes of the Hooktongue Slough.

Will the heroes of Erholtmark prevail?

Heirs of the Stolen Lands Chapter 3

Sir Karl has been elevated to Count, no doubt the County of Erholtmark will play a critical role in the civil war brewing between Osstia and Brevoy.

However disaster has struck close to home. The people of Varnburg, including Baron Maegran Chomkov and his wife Zhenya, close friends of the Heirs, have gone missing, as if by magic! Is this an old foe, or has a new horror appeared? The stakes have never been higher!

The Stolen Lands await!

Heirs of the Stolen Lands Chapter 2

ErholtmarkOur bold heroes have explored the Greenbelt, and now armed with a Royal and Imperial Decree they have started the Barony of Erholtmark.

However untold threats still face them, and more of the Stolen Lands awaits their exploration. What of the deadly Necromancer? To whom does the mysterious green hair belong? And now the Kingmakers are embroiled in the deadly world of Brevoyan politics.

Can they thrive as their barony grows? Can they even survive?

The Stolen Lands await!

Heirs of the Stolen Lands Chapter 1

Based on the Kingmaker adventures, this campaign is focused on exploring, pacifying, and settling the region known as the Stolen Lands.

Your group of characters are one of four bands sent south bearing Royal Charters across the vast Old Margreve Forest, to the wilderness of the Southern Marches. The Regent of Imperial Brevoy and the Prince of Rostov hope to open up this fertile band of the Riverlands, but first this land where ancient empires once ruled must be explored, bandits and outlaws must be chased away, and dread creatures must be slain.

Although undead and demonic or other extra-planar forces may be encountered, most of the adventures will involved natural, fey, and human opponents. Likewise, characters based on urban adventures may not get as much time to shine as characters focused more on wilderness exploration.

The Stolen Lands await!


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Heirs of the Stolen Lands

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