Every Player can choose two Traits to give their Character a little bit of character.

Combat, Faith, Magic, Social, Race, Regional, Religion, and Equipment Traits are all available on the Pathfinder SRD.

Unique Traits

Characters may only possess a single Unique Trait.

Another Rat in the Walls The Krysia, what outsiders would call the Thieves’ Guild, is a criminal organization that sprouts like a noxious weed in all the cities of Brevoy. Many who live beyond the law in Brevoy’s cities have more than a passing familiarity with these dangerous men.
Speak Thieves’ Cant for one city in Brevoy.
+1 to Social skills with thieves, assassins and fences in any Brevoyan city.
You start with a Broken set of Thieves Tools.

Apprentice Fellow Traveller The Ancient Order of Esoteric Masters of Lore, or Mages’ Guild, is a small and secretive order dedicated to the preservation of magical lore. Members are tutored, and in time are expected to tutor others, in their arcane arts.
Literate, and know Old Kyuric.
+1 to Knowledge (Arcana) and one other Knowledge skill.

Brigand You have lived as a wolf-cloak, preying on travellers, traders and pilgrims. Perhaps the last raid was too close, perhaps you took your bands’ loot and ran, or perhaps you got tired of sleeping on cold ground, but you’ve left that life behind you. You know the secret signs and signals of wolf-cloaks, and gain their trust more easily than others.
+1 to Social rolls with bandits, brigands and their ilk.
+100 gp from fenced loot.

Caravan Guard From south in the Riverlands, to the frosty cliffs of the Linnorm Kings, from mist shrouded Ustalav in the west to the Orc-haunted ruins of Lvev and the Great Southern River to the east, you’ve crossed Brevoy a dozen times. What do you have for it? A stubborn mule and a hand full of foreign coins.
+1 to Knowledge (Geography) and Ride, pick one as a Class Skills.
You start with a Mule and a Riding Saddle.

Dwarven Adventurer Your kind have almost passed from the world, and many who remain dwell in the mountain fastnesses of your people. Some few however wander the world to trade their crafts, gather fame or wealth, or just to see what lies beyond the next hill.
Speak Dwarven.
One piece of starting equipment counts as Masterwork.

Kariv Out-Law You have broken the karivniya, the code, and now live outside of their laws, no longer welcome at the kompania fire. Sadly, this is often a result of kompania politics more than actual deeds. Cut off from your own people you must live among the Gaje.
You speak Kariv.
+1 trait bonus to one of the following skills: Perform (choose one type), Profession (fortuneteller), or Sleight of Hand. It is always a class skill for you.

Noble Bastard One of your parents was a member of a Great House of Brevoy, yet you have no proof, just rumours and hearsay. You have faced their scorn, weathered their disdain, and are stronger for it. In the beer halls and taverns of the Kingdom you have drowned your sorrows listening to Kolov, Pushkaya, and their like.
-1 to Social rolls with Brevoyan nobility.
+1 on Social rolls with Brevoyan radicals.
+1 to Willpower saves.
You start with a martial melee weapon of your choice bronze cloak-pin with the crest of a Great House on it.

Numerian Kazzak Known for their tall builds and copper skin tones, Numerians are regarded as haughty, overly proud barbarians by most Brevoyans. On the Numerian Steppes renown is everything, and many a young kazzak leaves to escape the shadow of another, or to make a name for themselves.
You speak Numerian.
+1 to Handle Animal and Ride, and Ride is a Class Skill.
You start with a shaggy steppe-pony (counts as an untrained Light Horse) and simple rope tack and a saddle-blanket.

Piney Runaway Pinies are an odd and reclusive folk, steeped in the Old Ways, living a hard life in the midst of the often malevolent Old Margreve. Pinies rarely wander, however occasionally one leaves their village to discover the wider world.
Pinies without a positive CH bonus receive a -1 to all social rolls.
+2 to Knowledge (Nature), Stealth, and Survival rolls in forests.
+1 on all social rolls with Fey.

Pioneer In Brevoy it is not uncommon for peasants and commoners to pack up and move to new fields, due to local population pressure, poor weather or crop yield, or unchecked raiders and monsters. You have arrived with all your worldly goods, and plan to capitalize on the Charter to start again.
+1 to Handle Animal and one Profession or Craft.
Donkey, pack saddle, and 50gp worth of common goods.

Riverboat Crew The waterways of the Riverlands stretch from Brevoy down to seas in the distant south, and are the routes of a considerable volume of trade. Riverboat crews are a rough and rowdy lot, facing rough water, bandits and strange creatures on their long voyages.
You speak River Trade
+1 to Appraise and Swim, pick one as a class skill.
25gp of accidentally pocketed goods.

Scion of a Great House All of Royal and Imperial Brevoy may kneel to the Regent, but it is the noble houses that rule. Although they tend to be haughty, and proud of their long lineages, the similarity between noble houses end there, where ancient tradition and new foreign fads vie for young nobles’ attentions. The Stolen lands represent a jewel in the crown of any noble house that can gain dominance there.
Speak either Osstian or High Kyuric.
+1 to Diplomacy and Knowledge (Nobility), which is a class skill.
+100gp in equipment.

Sword Scion Restov is famous for its Aldori Fencing Schools. Masters of the Aldori tradition are in demand across the land. However the fees of these schools keep protracted study of the style out of the hands of any but the wealthy. You were a promising student of the style, however your family could not afford the years of tutelage.
Aldori Duelling Sword counts as a martial Weapon for you.
You start with an poor (non-masterwork) grade Aldori Duelling Sword.
+1 Reflex saves.

Wily Trader There is wealth out there, if you are bold enough to find it. You’ve poured your money into a number of merchant ventures recently, and despite being plagued by bandits and ferocious creatures, some of them have been successful. Perhaps the Charter will position you to take your place among the growing body of Brevoyan Merchant Princes.
+1 to Appraise, Bluff and Knowledge (Local).
+100 gp in realized profits.


Heirs of the Stolen Lands Waiwode