The Kingdom of Brevoy

The Royal and Imperial Kingdom of Brevoy was founded by Choral the Conqueror over two centuries ago. The Kingdom is divided into three Principalities, Osstia to the north, Brevoy in the centre, and Rostland to the south.

By the terms of Choral’s Charter of Coronation, the lord who holds the Dragonscale Throne of the Principality of Brevoy rules as King, and the Princes of Osstia and Rostland recognize that King as their Imperial Regent. The Princes of Osstia and Rostland have more powers and independence then vassal lords in the west typically do.

When people speak of Royal Brevoy they are referring to the Principality, when they speak of Imperial Brevoy they refer to the entire Kingdom. In the wiki Brevoy normally refers to the entire Kingdom.

The coat of arms of Brevoy is a quartered field, argent and or, with a two headed dragon rearing, gules, the sinister head breathing fire, the dexter head holding a wavy sword.

The capital of Brevoy is New Stetvin.

The current holder of the Dragonscale Throne is King Noleski Surtova.

The Principality of Brevoy

The principality is the kingdom, one throne, one crown, one king.” – King Noleski Surtova

Although the cosmopolitan residents of New Stetvin speak modern Kyuric or Brevoyan with a clipped Rostland accent, most Brevoyans speak with a distinctive soft slurring accent, and use of Numerian loan-words is more common in Brevoy than the rest of the Kingdoms.

Brevoyans were culturally closer to Rostlanders than Osstians, however a lengthy Numerian occupation left several differences. Brevoyans were regarded as wilder and less civilized than their Rostlander cousins.

The arrival of Choral the Conqueror did little to change that in most of the Principality, and two centuries of civilization has only increased the difference between the more cosmopolitan “city” Brevoyans and the villagers who still live in their traditional style.

Choral’s noble house, Rogarvia, are gone now, many cadet lines remain, and the name is common, but their power has passed, perhaps never to return.

House Surtova controls New Stetvin and and masters of the Principality, however House Medvyed’s holdings in western Brevoy are prosperous. Currently both Houses seem to have forgotten ancient feuds and consolidate power in post-Rogarvian Brevoy.

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The Kingdom of Brevoy

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