The Karlsburg Regiment

Formed by the order of Baron Karl von Allegmund, Arodus 4712.

Their banner, blue and green, a castle centred, with the words “Stalwart Defenders” in a scroll beneath.

Spears, swords, shields painted blue and green, and chain mail armour covered in a surcoat in blue and green. Helmets with a bar-nasal.

The Karlsburg Regiment – - CR1
Large (200) Army of Human 2nd lvl Warriors

hp 6; DV 12/14; OM + 1 Shields, Medium Armour

Speed 2; Consumption 1;

Leader: Captain NPC, Cha + 1, Soldier 1.

Defeated – Their last battle was a crushing defeat. The Stalwart Defenders of Karlsburg Regiment is -1 Morale.

The Karlsburg Regiment

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