Kyuric Dynasty

Little is known about the Kyuric Dynasty of the Azlant Empire of the forgotten west, although some of their artifacts remain, protected by dweomer and strangely imperishable. Yet after untold centuries, even that magic has faded, and far too few objects of that dynasty have survived.

Fragments of their writings reveal that they came east like a tide, on ships that sailed the sky, conquering foes with waves of scalding light. They governed for a while, perhaps a century or more, and then one day they and their fantastic craft were gone, never to be seen again.

Many of the current cultures of the west owe their alphabet and numeral system to the Kyuric Dynasty, and many of the gods they introduced still have powerful cults. Abadar’s great tome of learning, Lex, is written in High Kyuric, and some say that copies exist which were penned in that ancient time, protected by the ravages of age by their strange enchantments.

High Kyuric is not spoken anymore, outside of sacred rituals, and Kyuric, much changed over the centuries that have passed, is now know as the Common Tongue and is used in commerce and diplomacy across the west.

Kyuric Dynasty

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