Character Creation Notes

This game is a thematic sequel to Rob’s incredible Old Margreve game (OM), but it is not a narrative sequel. The little village of Levoča and our “Piney” characters exist in their own world. The characters will not dwell within the Old Margreve, although they may travel beneath the green mansions of its eaves.

South of the Kingdom of Brevoy is a broad stretch of rolling hills, forests, swamps, and foothills inhabited by trappers and hunters, prospectors, anchorites and hermits. It is also home to bandits and strange creatures, and although once settled it is now wild and lawless. Called the Stolen Lands, the Regent of Brevoy wants to stabilize his southern border, and gain a trinket or two that he can trade in Brevoy’s endless war of influence and intrigue.

The players’ characters are one of four groups of Brevoyans given a Royal and Imperial Charter and sent south to explore the Stolen Lands, to rid it of the bandit problem, and prepare the region for settlement. Not explicitly stated, it was hinted that the King and Regent of Brevoy would reward success with titles and fiefs in the Stolen Lands.

Character Creation

Character Stats are purchased with 15 points from table 1-1 on page 16 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.






Players can either roll starting funds or choose the average.

*All standard equipment/mounts/vehicles under 500gp in value in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook are available in the Free City of Restov.
*Riding Dogs aren’t available.
*All Simple and Martial Weapons are available.
*Exotic weapons may be available, Aldori Dueling Swords certainly are.
*All Armour under 500gp is available. More expensive armor may have to be fitted or constructed, but craftsmen who can create masterwork or special material armour are available.

Oleg’s Tradehouse is a very austere location at first. Characters should not need much in the way of “dungeoneering” supplies, however camping supplies may come in handy.

Naming conventions

Most Brevoyans have “East European”-sounding names.
*Peasants rarely have a family name, instead using a patronymic (e.g. Sergei son of Ivan is Sergei Ivanovitch).
*In the new “urban” class family names have become more important (e.g. Sergei Malachkin).
*Among the nobility family names are more important, however a patronymic may be added on documents to differentiate between others with similar names in the same House (e.g. Sergei Ivanovitch Malachkin).

Osstians tend to have Germanic or Prussian-sounding names.
*Osstian peasants have a longer tradition of family names then most Brevoyans. These are often trade-oriented, and Bauer (Farmer) is the most common Osstian family name.
*Osstian nobles tend to use the “von” prefix (e.g. von Wurtz), a signifier that they were land-holders in the old Kingdom of Osstia.

Numerians tend to have names that have a “steppes” feel to them. One or two syllables for men, and two to three for women are common. Numerians tend to use family names only among themselves.

Riverlanders have adopted southern naming traditions, and they often have an Italian or Spanish feel.

Kariv names follow Brevoyan traditions.

Dwarves follow standard naming traditions in the Core Rulebook.

Changelings are named by their human parents, however most have a secret Fey name. Whether the character is aware of their Fey name is up to the player.

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Character Creation Notes

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