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Master List

Total value of available currency: 24551.01

2203 cp in poltina, pence, pennies, and stuff. (22.03)
9995 in sp (accounting for the damaged Kyuric bronze scales (999.5)
12912 gp (including the kyuric silver scales) (12912)
10566 gp (the pp, tablets, stag amulets, baubles — which all pretty much count as coin) (10566)
51.5 Including Credit and Trade Goods sold to Oleg

Value of goods claimed to date: 34049.25 (needs update)

Historic total: 240512.9 (1/6th Share Total 40085.48)

Karl Kaspar Drogov Zeleny Vaszilla Group
10272 26787 5869 18310 21335 16956.5gp
29813.48 13300.48 34216.48 21775.48 18750.48 23128.98

1 potion Jump (50gp)
2 potion CLW (50gp ea)
5 shaggy step ponies (@30gp each 150gp)
300+ arrows
15 days trail rations
7 silver stag amulet (20gp each)
3 fey glass beads – gave 3 to Mek Mek
1 bushels of moon radishes (1 given to Oleg)
silver ring (75gp)
2 ancient kyuric gold plaques (100gp each)
wand of jump, 4 charges (60gp)(Kaspar)
scroll of mage armour (25gp) (Kaspar)
Ostel’s Notes (Kaspar)
1 cart horse (8gp)
1 chest containing 11 bottles of green fairy liquor (20gp each = 220gp)
1750 gp in credit with Oleg (100 used)
Olav Zetsky’s Journal (Kaspar)
3 +1 flaming crossbow bolts (160gp ea, 480gp)(Kaspar)
the ring of Saint Torag 1200gp (Karl)
masterwork silver war hammer (Karl)
11 small spears – gave one to Mek Mek
mite map that makes no sense (nil)
ivory statue of a horned devil (250gp) (value not added, as fate undecided)
Dark Lamp (25gp)
3 +1 animal bane arrows (160gp ea, 480gp)(Vaszilla)

wand of magic missiles (cl 3, 28 charges) (Kaspar)
masterwork cold iron sickle
bracers of armour +1 (1000gp) (Kaspar)
silver ingots (300gp)
2 Tatzel wurm skins (600gp each)
+1 scale mail (Karl)
pewter flagon (12 gp)
jade carving (160gp)
Kobold Commision (800gp)

2 potions cure moderate wounds (300gp ea, 600gp)
potion of lesser restoration (300gp)
1 rapier (2000gp)(Vaszilla)
masterwork studded leather armour (175gp) (Vaszilla)
2 turquoise earrings (260 gp)
masterwork chainmail (300gp)
+1 longsword “Akiros” (2100 gp) (Karl)
3 +1 beast bane arrows (160 each) (Vaszilla)
silver holy symbol of Pharsama (25gp)
+1 leather armour (1000gp) (Drogov)
masterwork longsword (315 gp)
+1 magical composite bow (
2 strength req’d) (2000gp) (Vaszilla)
amulet of natural armour 1 (2000gp)(Kaspar)
Erastil’s Crown (3500 gp) (Zeleny)
Ring of fey green hair (nil)
4 jade statues (160gp each)
trade goods (6850 gp)
+1 ranseur (2000gp)
masterwork armour reward
Arcane Scroll of Detect Secret Doors (25gp)
Potion of Owl’s Wisdom (300gp)
+1 Scythe (2000gp)Zeleny
scroll of arcane sight (sold)
scroll of endure elements (sold)
scroll of share language (sold)
potion of shield of faith (sold)
potion of protection from good (sold)
potion of silver sheen (sold)
bird feather token
tree feather token
Nabakov’s Fairy Haversack (2000gp)Drogov
+1 Great Axe
+1 leather armour
+1 ring of protection
+2 Feybane bastard sword
Ring of Sustenance (sold)
Necklance of undead control (sold)
4 bp in assorted materials
amulet +2 natural armour (Vaszilla)
dusty rose ioun stone (5000gp)(Zeleny)
Hargulka’s mace
Hargulka’s hide armour
small dragon statue (200gp)
gold necklace (500gp)
lesser jewellry (750gp)
5 gemstones (100gp each)
silver tankard (50gp)
+2 Chain Shirt (4000gp) (Vaszilla)
+1 AC Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (5000gp) (Zeleny)
14 BP in recovered Materials
Elven Water clock (Karlsburg Castle)
ancient jade statue (1200gp) sold
1 alabaster statue of dancing elf (100gp) (500lbs)sold
cloak of the vermin (Destroyed)
1 masterwork harp (100gp) wedding gift
1 bejewelled masterwork short sword (510gp) sold
small dragon statue (200gp) sold
5 gemstones (100gp each) sold
Masterwork warhammer (312gp)sold
400gp in manly jewelry sold
gold necklace (500gp)sold
lesser jewellry (750gp) sold
Hargulka’s mace (8000gp)sold
Hargulka’s hide armour (2000gp)sold
60 gp in gems sold
gold and silver nugget necklace (800gp)sold
2 smoke sticks (20gp x2= 40gp)sold 1 tanglefoot bag (50gp)sold 2 thunderstones (30gp x2= 60gp)sold
1 jade snake statue (75gp)sold
1 white bearskin coverlet (50gp)sold
2 royal outfits (400gp)sold
3 courtier’s outfits (90gp)sold
3 vials perfume (300gp)sold
1 gem encrusted tiara (350gp)sold
bird feather token (300) Gifted to Mek – Mek
tree feather token (400) used to help restore the Naiad’s grove
100gp in trade goods (used)
705cp, 431sp, 342gp (divided up)
42cp, 55sp, 6gp (divided up)
370gp, 471sp (divided up)
589gp, 234 sp, 1900 sp, 888 gp (divided up)
1484 cp, 3550 sp, 652 gp (divided up)
3000gp reward for finding information regarding Edras’ disappearance (divided up)
pouch of gems (11000gp) Divided up
cloak of elvenkind (2500gp Vaszilla)
boots of elvenkind (2500 gp Vaszilla)
19500gp art objects (sold)
headband of mental prowess (
2 int +2cha, +knowledge planes) (10000 gp Zeleny)
1140 pp, 13000gp (divided up)
the ooculus of Abbadon (rendered unto the church for destruction)
10000gp cyclopean stone tablets (Vordakai’s spellbook – Kaspar)
103000 sp (divided up)
many many sould jars (destroyed)
Penrod’s spell book (blown up)
+1 cold iron flail, magical beast bane (10108 gp sold for 5054)
3 packets dust of dryness (2550 gp sold for 1275)
gloves of swimming and climbing (6250 gp sold for 3125)
700gp in semi precious stones (sold)
+2 Feybane bastard sword (18000 gp sold for 9000)
+1 leather armour (1000 gp sold for 500)
+1 longsword (2000 gp sold for 1000)
+ 1 Great Axe (2000 gp gifted to Xamanthe)
+1 morning star (2108 GP sold for 1054)
pouch of gems (11000gp)
rod of metamagic, lesser, silent (3000 gp sold for 1500)
spellbook (2750gp Kaspar)
Masterwork warhammer (312 gp sold for 156)
masterwork thieves tools (100 gp sold for 50)
2 masterwork throwing axes (306 gp x2=612 gp sold for 306)
2 potions of speak with animals (50 gp x2= 100 gp sold for 50)
1 jar of restorative ointment (4000 gp sold for 2000)

Unassigned Loot

Desnus 14th
+1 ring of protection (2000gp)

Desnus 23rd
1 fine cloak (10gp)
1 gold necklace (100gp)
1 silver ring with emerald (300gp)
1 moonstone (50gp)
38 fey glass beads (38gp)
1 elixer of love (150gp)

Erodus the 30th
silver tankard (50gp)

9th of Rova
potion of cure serious wounds

27th of Rova
High quality viola (1600gp)
books (500gp)
3 scrolls CSW
3 scrolls remove paralysis
1 scroll restoration
1 scroll break enchantment
1 scroll breath of life
1 scroll raise dead
folding boat (7200 gp)
set of flagons and platters (300gp)
soul jar

Nef 22
Masterwork heavy mace
1 silver Holy Symbol of ?Zon Cthon? (25gp)

Kuthona 5
2000gp in silver and black dragon scales

1 jade breacelet (of doom)

Kuthona 13

cloak of resistance +3 (9000 gp)
ring of protection +2 (8000gp)
phylactery (3500gp)
ring of friend shield (50000gp if we can find the other one)
ring of protection +2 (8000 gp)
cloak of resistance +1 (1000gp)

Loot Record Gozram, 10th Year
Loot Record Desnus, 10th Year
Loot Record Sarenith 10th Year

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