The Calendar of Brevoy

Brevoy uses the calendar introduced by the ancient Kyuric Dynasty.

The solar year consists of 364 days. These are divided into 8 months of 30 days each, and four months with 31 days. The 31st day marks the two equinoxes and two solstices.

The moon goes through its cycles every 28 days. Each seven day week is one cycle of the moon. There are exactly thirteen lunar cycles and fifty-two weeks per solar year.

Moonday Work, religion [night]
Toilday Work
Wealday Work
Oathday Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday Work
Starday Work
Sunday Rest, religion
1st month Abadius (ah-BAY-dee-us) (January) Winter
2nd month Calistril (KAHL-izz-trihl) (February) Winter
3rd month Pharast (fah-RAHST) (March) Winter
4th month Gozran (GOHZ-ran) (April) Muddy Spring
5th month Desnus (DEZ-nuhs) (May) Spring
6th month Sarenith (sa-REHN-ihth) (June) Summer
7th month Erastus (eh-RAS-tuhs) (July) Summer
8th month Arodus (AIR-oh-duhs) (August) Summer
9th month Rova (ROH-va) (September) Fall
10th month Lamashan (lah-MAHSH-ahn) (October) Fall
11th month Neth (NEHTH) (November) Muddy Fall
12th month Kuthona (koo-THOH-nah) (December) Winter

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