Organizations of Brevoy and the Stolen Lands

The Ancient Order of Esoteric Masters of Lore

The Fellow Travellers, as they refer to themselves, are a largely informal order of wizards. Senior wizards are expected to tutor those gifted in the arts, but no formal school exists. Guild halls, referred to as Chantries, tend to be small, remote, and easily overlooked. The Order owes no allegiance to the Crowns of Brevoy, thus is not in favour.

Kraysay v Stenah, the Rats in the Walls

The Rats are probably a fiction. Certainly local underworld figures control their burglars, robbers, thieves, and cut-purses, making sure to get their cut. But the idea of a central authority or organization over them all is ludicrous. Vows of loyalty, a code of thieves honour? It is well known there is no honour among thieves.

The Royal and Imperial College of Heraldry

A group of bardic scholars who keep records of Brevoy’s many heraldic devices, banners, and other symbols. The vast Imperial College Library in Waldenhof is matched only by the Royal College library in Restov, and both have detailed genealogical records on generations of Brevoy’s nobility.

The Brevoyan Radicals

New wealth, and a rapidly propagating urban class, has created many other social pressures as well. In the cities of Brevoy broadsheet writers and barrel-top philosophers cry out for change, for new ways, new social orders, and an end to the tyranny of the Upper Class! Great Demagogues like Pavel Kirov or Anna Pushkaya are surrounded and imitated by a host of lesser talents, and are often just one step ahead of the Gendarmes.

The Royal and Imperial Gendarmes

Created as a mounted policing force in the Numerian Marches a century ago, the Gendarmes have developed into something far more influential and sinister. Under the guiding hand of the white-haired, walrus-moustached statesman Baron Alexander von Benckendorff, the Royal and Imperial Gendarmes have developed into a new thing in Brevoy: a secret group of scouts whose identities are shrouded, whose powers are only roughly defined, and whose reach extends across the Kingdom. In some circles they are feared more than forest wights and grues.

The Eisenvolk

by Mad_Taoist

The Eisenvolk are members of the mountain tribes that came down from the Grey Mountains close to 3 centuries ago swearing themselves to various Osstian noble lines. 200 years ago their plans for these noble houses were both terribly delayed and aided immensely by the battles with and the loss to Choral the conqueror. Today with the chaos surrounding the disappearance of Choral’s line they see a chance to advance those plans even further. What those plans are no one outside the seven family heads really knows.

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Organizations of Brevoy and the Stolen Lands

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