Building Baronies, Developing Duchies, and Creating Kingdoms

The Basics

The term “Kingdom” will be used throughout these notes, although the players’ characters’ land will start off as a Barony and work up from that.

This system is very abstract. Things like settlement and kingdom population are not literal. However the system is very flexible and the players’ choices will have a very real effect on the development of the kingdom.

Every kingdom has a few basic Stats: Stability, Economy, and Loyalty
These are the Kingdoms Checks and are measurements of the kingdom’s performance, and act as Skill Checks or Saving Throws.

Alignment Every Kingdom has a single alignment, chosen during it’s creation, that reflect the principles upon which it was created.

  • Lawful Kingdoms are +2 Economy
  • Chaotic Kingdoms are +2 Loyalty
  • Good Kingdoms are +2 Loyalty
  • Evil Kingdoms are +2 Economy
  • Neutral Kingdoms are +2 Stability
  • True Neutral Kingdoms are +4 Stability

Size is the number of hexes the Kingdom is comprised of.

Control DC is Size + 20.

Population is very abstract, but is roughly Size x 250 + the population of each Settlement.

Unrest is a modifier subtracted from all Stability, Economy, and Loyalty checks. If Unrest reaches 10 the kingdom starts tearing itself apart. If it reaches 20 then the kingdom collapses into complete anarchy, and all kingdom checks automatically count as a roll of 0.

Treasury is a measure of wealth, investments, available artisans and craftsmen, available immigrants, farm surplus, and the movement of trade goods. It is measured in BP – Build Points. Each BP is roughly equal to 4,000gp.

Consumption is amount of BP required to keep the kingdom functioning. It is roughly equal to Size + the # of Settlement districts. If the Treasury cannot meet the needs of Consumption each month Unrest increases by 2.

Leadership Roles get their own entry. But for now, PCs or NPCs fill each role, and these modify the three kingdom Checks.

Each settlement has its own stats, but we’ll deal with those later.

All this stuff is recorded on the Kingdom Sheet

Now let’s look at the Kingdom Turn

And then Leadership Roles

And stuff about Settlements

The Chart Chart of Death Death

The Beginner’s Guide to Building Armies

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Building Baronies, Developing Duchies, and Creating Kingdoms

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