The Stag Lord's Bounty

A scroll delivered by I.I. Kutasov


Know that the persons bearing this Royal Warrant
are empowered to bring the man known as the
Stag Lord to the Regent’s Justice.

The man called the Stag Lord is well-known
to be a brigand, and a leader of bandits
and murderers. He has preyed upon the good
people of Imperial Brevoy for too long. He is
declared to be an outlaw, to have no shelter
or sanctuary anywhere the laws of Imperial
Brevoy hold sway.

Persons bearing this Warrant who bring the
Stag Lord to justice, or prove his demise shall
be greatly rewarded by the Throne.

Lord Anton Surtova, Royal and Imperial Chancellor
Baron Alexander von Benckendorff, Captain-General
of the Royal and Imperial Gendarmes


The Stag Lord's Bounty

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