Ring of St Torag

A golden ring with a bright red jewel.


Aura: Faint Abjuration; CL: 3
Slot: ring; Price 1,200gp

Wearer gains Fire Resistance 10 against the first fire attack that hits him each day. The protection renews at dawn.

In addition the wearer receives a +1 resistance bonus on saves made against fire spells and effects.

The ring must be worn for 24 hours before taking effect.

Construction Requirements: Forge Ring; resist energy; Cost: 600gp


A split golden band with a large red gemstone that sparkles with an inner fire.

Knowledge (Religion) 5:
Rumours that Torag is a Dwarven God is the kind of cruel talk spread by idolaters and the fey-touched, and should be disregarded.

Knowledge (Religion) 10:
Saint Torag was a Numerian convert to Abadar, and a consecrated priest of the Order of the Great Builder.

Knowledge (Religion) 10:
The 24th of Sarenith is St Torag’s Feast Day.

Knowledge (Religion) 15:
When an orphanage caught fire when a careless worker knocked over a lantern, Saint Torag entered the burning orphanage again and again, braving the flames, and rescued every single child before finally succumbing to his grievous wounds and expiring. Abadar lifted him up his soul and set him to work on His Great Tower.

Ring of St Torag

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