Ostel's Notes

The writings of a madman.


It takes three days of study (8 hours/day) to make sense of what Ostel wrote.

There are three Facts that can be gleaned from his notes.

A. Xak Tsaroth lay north and to the east of the Kyuric city of Nal-Vashkin, a city of resplendent wonders.

B. The (unnamed) Kyuric nation was at war with the First World, and the dread Queen Reflections of Dappled Sunlight Off Of A Calm Pool.

C. The cataclysm that struck Xak Tsaroth was otherworldly and complete. There were no survivors.

There are three possible rewards, a reader may only ever chose one.

1. For revealing hints and clues of the ancient secrets of the Kyuric Magi, +1 (untyped) bonus to Knowledge (Arcana)

2. For revealing many details of the Kyuric Dynasties that once ruled this land, +1 (untyped) bonus to Knowledge (History)

3. For revealing details of the First World, and the powers of the Fey, +1 (untyped) bonus to Knowledge (Nature)


Hundreds of loose-leaf pages covered in cramped script, drawings, circles and wards, and additional glosses and commentaries, it is essentially a journal of Ostel Abramovitch Kulyin’s exploration of the lost Kyuric city of Xak Ksaroth, and an example of one man’s descent into increasing paranoia.

It is written in a mix of Ancient Kyuric and High (modern) Kyuric, with plentiful Brevoyan words littered throughout.

Ostel's Notes

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