Metal Kyuric Tablets


Making sense of the Kyuric Psalter requires the reader to:

1. The ability to read Ancient Kyuric. Reading with magical assistance must be able to be maintained for eight hours or more a day to count.

2. Make a Knowledge (Arcana) roll of 30.

3. Make a Knowledge (Religion) roll of 30.

After one week of initial study the reader can make one attempt at a skill roll for every four hours of study. The reader may take 20 on either roll, taking 20 requires 20 four hour periods to complete.

Knowledge (The Planes) or Knowledge (History) may be used to support either roll, if the reader can achieve a DC of 20.


A series of metallic sheets, each covered with Ancient Kyuric script that has been hammered into the thin surface.

The plates are not sequential, although they all seem to form a Psalter, a collection of devotional works.

Metal Kyuric Tablets

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