Zeleny Stroma

Dark fey changeling, level 5 Cleric, neutral good


Journal entry #1, 30th day of Pharast

It’s only been three days since I left the shrine and Father Gregor but I’ve already gone further than I’ve ever been. Stepping beyond the boundaries of Farmer Daniil’s lands was the first step in my new adventure.

This all started shortly after planting week, which coincided with my 25th birthday. Father Gregor and I talked at length about my plans for the future. I thought I’d be taking my vows and joining the priesthood to work alongside my brothers, the only family I’ve ever known, but Father Gregor has asked me to explore the world and gain new knowledge for the good of the shrine.

I was apprehensive at first but now that I’ve stepped through the door and walked a few days, I have to admit I’m excited about what might be in store for me. A good meal should begin with hunger and I have been getting restless of late, hungry for more than just the four timber walls of the shrine and the two surrounding farms.

Brother Misha suggested I find a group of travellers whom I may be of use to. There are many on the roads these days, heading to the stolen lands. Perhaps I’ll find a group if I make my way towards Oleg’s trading post. I might even find some of my Elven kin on the road. I know nothing of the family that left me on the doorstep of Erastil’s shrine 23 years ago. When I dream, I sometimes hear a lullaby, sung in a tongue that is foreign yet feels so familiar. I’m sure it is my mother’s voice I hear.

Old Dead-Eye will guide my steps. As Father Gregor is fond of saying “Set your sail according to the wind”.

Zeleny Stroma

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