Reformed bandit and wilderness ranger, enlisted to help in the campaign to settle the Stolen lands.


Level 4 Ranger, Human


Vaszilla might have been beautiful once. However, those days are long past.

Born one of a number of children by as many fathers to a prostitute from the city of Restov, Vaszilla was simply another crying mouth to feed the moment she escaped her mother’s womb. She spent her earliest years scrabbling in the dirt for scraps with her other siblings before she learned to take things without being noticed.
It wasn’t long, however, before her ability came to the notice of her older brothers, who, jealous and vindictive, decided to teach her a lesson. One day upon her return from a successful day in the market, her two oldest brothers cornered her, forced her to the floor and beat and raped her. Taking her loot from the day, they left her to nurse her wounds alone with threats that this could and would happen again. It was that moment she decided to flee. However, the streets of Restov were a mean place for a girl of 14, and eventually she found the only place to run to any sense of peace of safety was to the wilderness beyond the city walls.
The first years were tough as Vaszilla learned to live off of the land and from what she could pilfer from the unwary traveller down the old roads. But she was a quick study, and the necessity of survival nurtured the toughness of her already scarred soul. She grew up strong and quick, developing a kinship with her natural surroundings. And more importantly, she gained a sense of safety and security amongst the animals that she never felt within the city.

Eventually, she decided that it was time to see the city again. Harder, quicker, and knowing she could retreat to the safety of the wilds any time she wished, she had become curious about the world that she’d been living on the fringes of for the better part of 8 years.

Although everything had changed, nothing had changed and Vaszilla could barely contain her disdain for the petty comings and goings of the human rats of the city. However, she soon found that there was nothing so important to the city-goers as coin. One could not simply supply for oneself; the almighty coin held sway over all.

She sought out ways to make coin and found that it was difficult for someone who’d lived as she had for the past 8 years. After spending a number of miserable nights in dark and dilapidated taverns, fighting off advances of lecherous drunkards offering coin for her body, she heard of a crew of “mercenaries” who were looking for a guide through the wilds. She quickly took the first opportunity to leave the horridly familiar memories of the city behind.

Young and impressionable, she took to the road with them. Soon she discovered that the cause they were fighting for was their own, not any mission for some noble house or merchant, and this suited her just fine. In fact, it was second nature to her to ambush fat merchants and stupid nobles and relieve them of a little of their riches, which they hoarded so avariciously. If any time in her life could be said to be happy, it would be her time with the (to be named) crew. Over the next 7 years, she engaged in petty banditry with her “family”.

Until one fateful day. It was a score like any other. Yakob had learned of a rich caravan making it’s way into the city – a visiting dignitary from another city. They planned their ambush in in the usually way, with Vaszilla scouting ahead and giving the signal. However, it was a set-up. There was no loot, there were only the city soldiers, who’d been offered a hefty ransom to “deal with” their crew.

More to come….


Heirs of the Stolen Lands Vaszilla