Baron Alexander von Benckendorff

A white-haired walrus-moustached man well past his middle age.


The Captain-General of the Royal and Imperial Gendarmes, Imperial Baron, Knight-Companion of the Order of the Dragon of Brevoy, Knight-Member of the Sacred Locks, Regent’s Council, Alexander von Benckendorff, started his career as a cavalry scout along the Western Marches.

His meteoric rise to the upper tier of Brevoyan society has ruffled a lot of feathers, however under his command the Imperial and Royal Gendarmes were transformed first from a loose band of scouts and enforcers into a well-disciplined light cavalry force, and then more recently into a group of Imperial constables.

Of course stories of “secret” constables and a network of spies and couriers that crosses Brevoy are also common. None of these improve von Benckendorff’s popularity outside of Imperial circles.

Baron Alexander von Benckendorff

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