Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Ritter's Tale (Intermission 3)

Ritter grimaces and slides a whetstone down his blade “Good steel, but the edge is a bit too sharp. Keep getting nicks. Always surprised me. That a sword could be too sharp.”

“I outta box your ears, for heading into that damned buried city with just Gorst to back your play. And don’t think I wouldn’t. He’s a good hand, and strong as an ox. But half of you almost died in that damned city a year ago.”

Slides the stone down the sword “Too much polishing is no good for a blade either. Every pass, the sword gets thinner and thinner. Too small to see with the naked eye, but over time, year after year, it all adds up.”

“Now these Kyuric ruins. I understand you’re fascinated with them. I get that. Ancient arcane secrets, and all that.” Ritter grimaces again, and continues to polish at an imagined spot. “Just hold your horses, I’ll get to it.”

“But interest? It can become obsession. Look at Ostel the Trapper. Crazier than a loon. And this last Rostlander, what was his name?

“Yeah, him. Obsession. The kind of thing that makes a man think it’s safe to enter a city that was swallowed by the earth a thousand years before anyone you know was born with….”

“Don’t interrupt me, son. I don’t care if it was two thousand years ago or last Archerfeast. Now where was I? Yeah. Entering the bowels of the earth with only one other to back you up. Shows an obsessive personality. So I wonder if I should even tell you what he saw there.”

“Gorst. What Gorst saw.”

“Well I was just getting to that, wasn’t I?”

“Gorst. The ghost he saw. Down in the city. Now, don’t you go haring off when I tell you this, but I figure you outta know. It was like he was there, a thousand years ago….”

“Do you want me to tell you this or not?”

“So Gorst was — it was like he was an Kyuric soldier, however long ago. And he was eating on a veranda with his wife. Not his real wife, see, Gorst isn’t married. His Kyuric wife back in the past. And then a giant lady with green hair appeared in the sky. I take it this was way bigger than your usual giant.”

“I’ve been to Iobaria, of course I’ve seen giants. They bleed, they die. You just have to worry about them throwing you across the mountains before they do.”

“Anyway. This giant lady, the one with green hair. She pointed an ivy-wrapped wand. That’s important, because it stuck in Gorst’s mind, and the man couldn’t tell the difference between ivy and a rose-bush. She poiinted this ivy-wrapped wand at the city, and started to laugh, and the city just — fell. It fell, down into the earth, like pouring a bucket of water down a hole, the whole thing just slid right down.”

“And then?”

“And then he died. What did you think was going to happen?”


Ritter clearly has a twisted sense of fun

Ritter's Tale (Intermission 3)

It would have been a much shorter post if you didn’t interrupt so often!

Ritter's Tale (Intermission 3)

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