Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 7)

23rd of Desnus (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

It appears after only a few weeks apart our wayward allies have returned. Lady Zeleny’s lord clearly sees us as a way to eliminate someone who sullies his image. As his closest priestess she needs to be at our sides in order to best assist in that endeavour. Having her Bow and skills as a healer along side us is always welcome. No matter the reason. Additionally, Vaszilla did neither of things I thought she’d done. She didn’t bolt for the south and she didn’t get herself killed in some petty act of vengeance. She returned to us mostly unscathed with a grisly trophy and tales of Restov on fire and rebellion in the streets. All things considered I thought it most diplomatic not to mention that the man she murdered was in fact an imperial agent; or at least was at one time. She was having a difficult enough time trying to understand why we were upset that she snuck off without a word and couldn’t comprehend that we would have wanted to help if we were unable to dissuade her from her course. Loyalty of the type that Sir Karl lives and breathes is utterly foreign to her. It is to be hoped that the conversation we had upon her return has planted the seeds of understanding in her heart of hearts. She is a comrade in arms and a partner in this endeavour and as such we need her at our sides or we need to know why she is not available to help further our cause. Both Sir Karl and I tried to put it in words that would resonate with her but only time will tell if it worked.
Even more disturbing than Vaszilla’s disappearance and reappearance is Zeleny’s audience with the new Fey queen of the Narlmarches. A green dragon now rules the fey of the forest. When Old Man Willow said the Shadow court I did not realize the shadows went so deep. This all but guarantees war with the fey. Sir Karl will not let this monster’s rule stand for long and I fear he will begin the hunt in earnest after our commitment to purge this land of bandits is fulfilled. I do not relish the idea of dying in a forgotten part of the forest choking my life out before an outraged Dragon. Perhaps, something less fatal will capture my lord’s attention and I will have time enough to prepare for that battle. I wonder if this shift in the leadership of the fey was the real intent behind the Necromancer’s murder of the Unicorn prince. One death throws a massive piece in the way of the empire and the civilization it promises to bring.

27th of Denus (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

We made the acquaintance of an old hunter named Vekkel today. He told us a wild tale of a boar that took his leg and we gladly took the commission to enact a little revenge on a suspiciously large boar; it even has a name if the hunter’s tale is to be believed. Yet more good will among the locals I suppose. As we head south I may have to get Zeleny to teach me some of the River trade tongue.

28th of Desnus (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

Another sign of the malicious fey that now populate the area. Drogov spotted a fell lantern off in the woods from our camp. Vaszilla followed it a short way but stopped realizing that Fey or no it could only be a trap. In the morning I explored a short way in the direction that the light was heading and found the ground getting marshier as I progressed. I have a feeling yet another tale to frighten children has roots in an all to real truth.

30th of Desnus (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

We slew a troll!!! The beast was in the process of gutting and eating an Elk when we came upon it. Between my comrades’ cold steel and my magics the monstrous killing machine stood no chance. I empowered the arrows of Vaszilla and Lady Zeleny so that the arrows would burn the beast as they pierced his thick hide. Sir Karl followed up our initial volley with a charge and set the stage for the monster’s final moments. Drogov’s alchemist fire was the telling blow as the beast burnt to a charred ruin within minutes. One less peril for travelers in this part of the world.

2nd of Sarenith (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

We came across yet another former temple of Erastil. All that remained was a vine encrusted statue that shone with the god’s holy power once we cleaned it up. Even though we restored a monument to another god St. Nethys preaches that while necessary, destruction must be balanced with creation and preservation or civilization falls into chaos; and that preservation does not just apply to the faithful just to the faithful first.

5th of Sarenith (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

We had a strange encounter today. A frogman knight of all things. Garuum was a boggard whatever they are. He seemed well versed in the human concepts of truce and safe passage. I just hope we haven’t left a future enemy alive to devil us at a later date.

7th of Sarenith (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

Vengeance is ours! and although no one was badly hurt the horses took a beating as we slew the boar Tuskgutter. I can see why it took such a terrible toll on Vekkel. The beast was easily twice the size of a normal boar and if we hadn’t been mounted it could easily been one of us gored and bleeding. We butchered the beast and ate like kings. Back tracking to Vekkel’s camp we will add a day or two to our explorations but it gets rid of the grisly trophy he requested.

10th of Sarenith (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

Who said doing a favour for a stranger was its own reward clearly was helping the wrong strangers. Vekkel gave us three arrows of animal bane which will come in handy in this wild place. Add to that the relief of finishing off our exploration of this boggy portion of the forest and getting back out into the open foothills our disappointment at the state of the bridge we found over the gorge was minimal. Eventually it will have to be repaired if we want to go further with the civilizing of this place.
11th day of 

Sarenith (10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

We continued on past the gorge and crossed the river and moved east towards the hillier parts of the region that lead towards the Tor lands. We found a place where an ancient sycamore stood and as the highest point in the area we ascended to view the bigger picture. What awaited us was madness. The mites had slain a kobold with a dozen wounds. Thank all the saints that Drogov looked up when he did. The man is growing more reckless to keep pace with his skill. He threw alchemist fire straight up in among the descending mites and thankfully slew almost all of them. Still it could have gone horribly awry and I am not sure I can reason with him if my lord’s thinly veiled threats do not dissuade him. The descent into the lair led us to a scene of torture and fey touched monsters. The one I swear was riding a giant tick and there was a centipede that was a good 12 feet long. We slew all present and freed a kobold that was next in line for a bad death. Vaszilla, Zeleny and I make an effective team all of us having a healthy share of a “get the job done” attitude. I may have to research more spells that enhance their combat abilities as well as Sir Karl’s. One thing that worries me is the totem the mites had stolen and that the dead kobolds had come to retrieve. A simple statue with no magical import as far as I can see it depicts a demonic horned figure; a dark mirror of Erastil. We need to figure out who or what it represents and what powers we can expect its true servants to possess. I just hope that we can stay my lord’s hand long enough to complete our research, he tends to react swiftly and harshly when presented with any work that depicts the darker side of the supernatural. We carry on towards the southern most reaches of our lands and the inevitable conflict with the bandit chief. I think I may take some credit on our behalf for the mites malice. Yuripol and his true masters want the Kobolds dead; who are we not to milk this foolish man for all we can?


Once again, a great job! And I’m always fascinated to see the various conclusions, correct or not, the PCs arrive at.


Kaspar's Journal (session 7)

Well I do my best to write with as little Meta knowledge as possible. And really cut Kaspar some slack he’s not 20 until the fall

Kaspar's Journal (session 7)

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