Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 22)

15th of Arodus (11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

Less than a week of peace and most of that trudging through the southern woods praying that we don’t get ambushed. Mek-Mek has once again proven his worth as an ally by discovering the Troll forces even further south as they move through the Narlmarches hunting for Erastil knows what.
Vaszilla has left with a small group of scouts with the hopes of figuring out where the Trolls are staging. Perhaps, our luck will hold and we will be able to strike out at them preemptively and end this once and for all.

21st of Arodus (11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

Well, the scouts have returned with reports of Lizard man skirmishers and Troll scouts along the Murque river. Lady Vaszilla as always has put herself forward to find the truth of our enemies’ disposition.
This waiting is killing me. I wish there was any other way for us to move forward but alas there is none. If she has not returned by the 25th of Arodus me march south to the Murque and take the fords by force. If all goes well we will capture one of their troops and extract the details we need. Perhaps, if luck is on our side we will meet up with Lady Vaszilla and add her scouting to our own.
25th of Arodus (11th year of the reign of Noleski)

The army marched today. Last night an only slightly worse for wear Vaszilla returned with her scouting report. The Mivoneese army is short several hundred Pikemen. The Trolls lured them into an open battle and ground them into dust. If there were any survivors they have my pity because mercy was not in any of the sights Vaszilla reported to us. I hope the fires I can bring to the fray will grant us a measure of success that they did not have. Perhaps…

28th of Arodus (11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

So far so good. The skirmishers on the Murque were content to mark our passage instead of contesting it. I worry that know they know our disposition. With a better understanding of the terrain we are doomed to fighting a pitched battle at a location of their choosing. I cannot shake this sense of foreboding. This will be a sharper test than any before.

29th of Arodus (11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

Our army is a hollow shell of what it was. The Karlsburg regiment and the Leveton regiments were decimated and will take months to recover if they ever do. Only the Kobolds and wily Mek-Mek managed to hold it together. We struck hard but hundreds died because the Trolls used our humanity against us. Women and children as shields… I could not do it. I could not bring myself to murder innocents and so hundreds of good men died. Karl is talking of leaving with the dawn. Just the four of us leaving Mek-Mek and Drogov to guide and guard the retreat. I swear by what little I still hold holy that the Troll king will pay for all the death and destruction. He will burn.

30th of Arodus (11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

He’s dead… dead by my hand, dead by the efforts of my comrades, dead and nothing has changed. I almost added to the toll by killing my comrades. My killing fires interacted with some magic he bore and the fires redoubled and exploded outwards blasting through the room searing all of us. If Lady Zelany’s healing grace had not reached out to us all it would have gone poorly.
What burns the fiercest is the fact that Hargulka’s death does nothing; hundreds of good men and women are still gone thanks to his madness. Gone thanks to some plot engineered by a crazed Fey sorceress whose tokens haunt every step of our paths. No matter what lies ahead of us one day there will be a reckoning and the bill is already quite high. Still, the Trolls left behind a number of prisoners, whom we have freed and all of the ones willing to, are coming back to Erholtmark with us. I will need to find a way to ensure they get settled quickly. A second chance at lives that were all too brutal the first time around needs to happen quickly. Some sort of healing must start, some sort of good must balance the evil we have met and defeated this day. It is not enough to kill the monster and wash our hands of the aftermath. Something must be done for the fallen and their families. I will speak more of this to Karl upon our return to Karlsburg.



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