Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 20)

15th of Sarenith (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

Carl is safe now in the hands of Lady Zeleny and the Erastilian Healers. He will recover and do so quickly in the skilled and attentive hands of Father Gregor and Lady Zeleny.
What worries me is my own sanity. The writings found in these Kyuric tablets seem to indicate that Abadar was worshipped under a different name over a thousand years ago and that this Zon-Kuthon was the incarnate version of the greed and dark secrets “The Master of Vaults” can imply. A being worshipped in order to obtain secrets and the power within and not the creator god that demands we strive for excellence that the civilized world knows today. I fear to read more but my damned curiosity requires it. I wonder if this is a heresy that died out with the fall of the Kyuric Empire; a secret revelation that died with Xak Tsaroth when they ran afoul of the Green haired Fey that continues to haunt us; or my greatest fear, in the ultimate act of deceit the dark god in these writings concealed himself in plain sight as Abadar. It would explain why the Abadarian priesthood tolerates those of evil bent among their ranks. I need guidance that I fear none may give. Perhaps, the Fey themselves will provide the answers I seek. How do we gain the trust and support needed to get the answers I seek? And once given can I even trust the veracity of those answers.
16th of Sarenith (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)
We are on the move through the farmlands just south of Leveton. The wee folk have stopped the minor aid and acts of assistance and over the last few days they have started indulging in the petty tricks more closely associated with their darker brethren. Previn moved quickly to get us involved before the confusion becomes full blown resentment among the farmers. I managed to spot some actual Faerie dust at the most recent site of the dark tricks. We go now in hopes of contacting Pervilash and hoping the butterfly winged Drake will enlighten us regarding what happened to the farmers and their crops.

17th of Sarenith (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

The Trolls continue to act with a cunning that beggars the imagination. Tyg Titter Tug was kidnapped by a Troll and Pervilash himself set to bedevil the farmers hoping to stir up even more resentment against the Baron and his Fey allies and friends. We are following a trail that leads right into the swamps we studiously avoided when doing our initial explorations of the Narlmarches. Hopefully, we will track down the beast and free the Grigg.

18th of Sarenith (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

Victory is ours! With a fair bit of magically assisted stealth we managed to free TTT and slay the Troll with little cost to ourselves. Between my growing control over the Elemental Fires and Lady Vaszilla’s highly trained hunting cat the Troll didn’t stand a chance. Admittedly, Drogov provided the icing on the cake that insured we were freeing a friend and not avenging one. There is so much of these trackless wastes that clearly used to be inhabited that no longer is and is slowly losing the touch of humanity.
With the Grigg free we plan on scouting the extreme southern reaches of the Barony. Perhaps we’ll find something of import.

22nd of Sarenith (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova

The last few days have provided another couple pieces in the puzzle and another brush with death. Along the southern river flowing into the Tuskwater there was a Mivonese trade fort but much more heavily defended than Leveton was at that size. I have a feeling that the monsters roaming the southern Green belt proved a strong incentive to make this the border for the Riverlands city state. Bloody Aldori sword lords and their convoluted system of merit. How they have not imploded in the last two centuries I do not know. Now we know how close they are. The question is does Mivon actively support the Necromancer or are they turning a blind eye to his “adventuring” because we are part of the hated Brevoyan Empire and as a lone individual he gives the Mivonese leadership deniability? Too many questions and no good way to get answers.
As we continued further east along the river we came upon a cave mouth littered with rubble and an ichor that blighted the surrounding vegetation. As we explored the area trying to determine what could have caused the destruction Drogov and myself received a reminder that much of the things we take for granted as myth and fable is based on reality. The first thing that came to both our minds upon initial investigation we both discounted due to the mythic nature of the Basilisk. Apparently, the rocky beast is not so mythic after all. Away from most things resembling civilization this creature was laired preying on small animals and the odd unwary traveller.
Things went poorly, our shock at the reality of the creature was only matched by our horror as Drogov was turned to stone. I lashed out with fire warning Lady Vaszilla to run but it was too little too late. While her cat raked at the thing’s hindquarters the Basilisk promptly turned its dread gaze on Lady Vaszilla and now both my companions were stone. Just as I was about to despair because my most potent magics were running short One-eye showed the Brevoyan Tiger’s true deadliness and slew the magical beast. Luckily, I was paying attention the day we discussed magical beasts during my apprenticeship. Dousing my companions in the blood of the recently slain monstrosity proved to be a legitimate way of undoing the petrification caused by the Basilisk’s gaze.
I had a surprising moment there alone on the field that day. My choice as to who I restored first knowing that I may not be able to restore both was a surprise although more so due to the ease of the choice than anything else. I realized that Lady Vaszilla stands higher in my regard than I thought. Perhaps, it is because I now know she would fight to the death for the Baron while I suspect Drogov would not die for anyone or anything other than his own personal gain.



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