Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (Session 2)

8th of Gozrem (10th year of the regency) Evening

So, just when you think nothing could top the things that have happened something outrageous happens. The trapper Breeg was an experience and a half; a man of no small personality who clearly cares not a wit for his fellow man. The stunning lack of manners was only matched by the mountain of furs he brought in. Oleg swears he has a nose for trouble as he manages to show up right after the brigands each time. I suspect he keeps closer ties than we care for and is attempting to cash in or Oleg’s troubles.
I can now see why the regent and his people want the area re-explored. The beast that almost ate the trapper Stesh was a sight to behold. A rare and aggressive beast the Tatlzwurm was once thought extinct in this area. That it tried to bite my lord Karl’s head off is testament to the old tales. Luckily, it was susceptible to fire and cold Restovian steel. The man Drogov continues to impress with his alchemy and bold decisive actions without his sharp dagger work Karl might have succumbed to the venom; he must have a small amount of Osstian blood to counter his natural Restovian shiftlessness. The trapper gave us more information on the area confirming my suspicions about Breeg as uncaring of his fellows. The warning of the unmarked traps will save us a broken limb or two I am most certain. Skinning the worm was a princely gift and clearly showed his gratitude for his rescue a good second step with the locals. Perhaps a share of the sale price left on account for him to use may cement that goodwill, we will need all the able bodied men of good will to side with us if things are to continue on a positive note.

9th of Gozrem (10th year of the regency of Noleski Surtova)

Well, well, well; we received a pleasant surprise today at least I hope it will be pleasant. The letters Oleg had sent were indeed received and not ignored as we feared. The Captain General has sent additional men to secure the trade post. Knight Captain Garess and her Crossbowmen seem competent but also a little dismissive of the dangers presented by the bandits in this area. Still their presence snaps the tether binding us to Oleg’s; which frees us to begin the exploration and pacification of these lands in earnest. A new member of our band was delivered by the good Captain; whether she is a joke or a stroke of brilliance waits to be seen. Vaszilla seems to be some sort of repentant criminal given a chance at redemption; possibly even a bandit sent to bring ruin upon her fellows. Karl looks to have chosen to treat her as a valuable resource and boon companion. There is nothing for my misgivings but to follow his lead. I just hope his instincts are right and she is indeed repentant in full. With the border so near we need her far more than she needs us. The Captain General’s reach may be long but it does not stretch very deep into the River Kingdoms. Should she abandon our cause the border is already behind us. Hopefully, Vaszilla will be the thief that aids our mission to capture bigger thieves.

10th of Gozrem (10th year of the regency of Noelski Surtova)

Yet, another of the colourful characters that seem to populate these lands arrived at the trade-post today. This Ostel has the dubious nickname “the Mag-pie” and he seems intent on living up to his namesakes’ greedy reputation. I mistrust him and twice in less than a week I am hoping I am wrong.
Our exploration of the neighbouring countryside later that day seems to have born fruit of a most unique nature. A relative of Drogov’s has taken up the life of a hermit and has made his services available to us. (at a cost of course) Bokken seems a little daft but harmless and fairly puissant in his rarified art.

11th of Gozrem (10th year of the regency of Noleski Surtova)

Our first fortnight has passed and I have only almost died twice. Today’s brush with all things fatal and pointless was a giant spider (whose lair we were investigating as it practically leapt on me). If it wasn’t for the mystic armour I’d summoned and the cold steel of my lordship I would have been this evening’s dinner no doubt. Still yet another predator slain and better still a map was found on a previous victim that looks much like a treasure map. we will see what the morning brings. That area is odd in the extreme, possibly haunted by the smaller of the fey folk. Hopefully, we did not strike their fancy because the unwanted attentions of the wee folk are sometimes deadly.
I must remember to write a report to Yuripol. He did demand regular reports on our progress and we now have much to share (minus the treasure map)



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