Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 18)

19th Desnus (the 11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

So things seem to have ended well. Vaszilla managed to track down the missing knight and it seems that the trend of siblings coming south is not limited to the Erhaltmark. Baron Chamkov has a younger brother that is not as fortunate as he is. His rescue yet another act of friendship between the two Baronies. Baron Chamkov may wind up naming his first born after Sir Karl if this keeps up. From what Vaszilla says he is an earnest young man who was properly grateful, and well aware of his debt, upon his rescue from the Shrike. I think my Lord’s work with Lady Vaszilla is almost complete. When I pointed out the debt incurred was owed to her alone for her rescue of the good knight; Lady Vaszilla corrected me quite fiercely, saying it was earned for all of us. I am content. My Lord’s other companions will see to him well and truly should I fall by the wayside and the Van Allegmund desmaine will grow strong and well.
A real concern at this point. Ritter’s comments the other day worry me. Is my quest for knowledge and disregard for my own safety getting out of hand. I hope not.
Still, the letters have been sent. And I will try to think before leaping into the gap from now on. In a few weeks Konrad will receive my request that he join me here in the south and hopefully he will be here before the spring equinox. With my Twin here to aid me and balance out my impetuousness even if we fail it will be glorious.

23rd of Desnus (the 11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

Whoever created the original breeding pool of the Owlbears deserves both accolades and an unquiet grave. They are damned engines of destruction standing toe to with my lord. Swift action and cold steel dealt with the ones we ran into but they are a pest that we will need to actively root out as they are extremely territorial and dangerous in the extreme. Two hunting packs within a relatively small area may indicate a much larger than normal population of them. Bloody thing things are good for some things their feather’s will make a good present for Mek-mek and Chief Sootscales thus ensuring their continued good will.

25th of Desnus (the 11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

Speaking of Kobolds is apparently a good way to invite disaster. We were ambushed by Tark-tuk as we investigated a Numerian Barrow. He had gained as much as he had lost and was left as an intelligent death trap (?). Luckily, I had gained some insight from my recent conversations and studies. I scorched over half of the restless dead Tark-tuk had summoned to his aid. The glory of the fireball was followed quickly by the wild alchemies of Drogov and they worked to efficient and devastating effect. With Drogov’s weird suit-like contraption enabling even swifter action the last of the shambling horde died on his blade before the echoes of the explosions had faded. A few more quick passes and the reanimated Tark-tuk was once again among the truly dead.
Hopefully, we have eliminated a strong point that the Necromancer was planning on using in the future. Any hurt we deal him now weakens him in the final confrontation and is therefore a good thing. We did discover something of note among the grave goods. A rusted blade enchanted to undo the Fey. Perhaps, the Numerian tribesmen fought a losing battle against the Fey when they ruled here hundreds of years ago.

27th of Desnus (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

We found an abandoned ferry that was clearly used as the staging area for bandits and worse. Abandoned now it still shows promise as a way station on the road to Varnburg. So much of these lands could be restored and civilization spread with only a little forethought and effort.

28th Desnus (the 11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

The last three days have been a pleasant interlude since the Barrow and that thing Tark-tuk had become. Yesterday, we spotted a turtle the size of a pony clambering into the river. Such a fabulous beast would feed a family for a week. Assuming they could catch it. The whole area screamed fishing pole and a small cask of his lordship’s finest. A fascinating reminder that as settled as these lands were at one point they are now very much wild.

29th of Desnus (the 11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

We finally encountered more signs of the Troll’s presence in these lands yesterday. The three beasts raced forwards with some low cunning trying to drag us out of cover as they did. Badly deformed they healed as they fought just like the beasts’ namesakes do. Luckily, fire has a way of slowing them down just as it does the Trolls proper.

1st of Sareneith (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

Yesterday, we ran into another giant inhabitant of the region. Something I think is called a Hodag. The beast tunneled just under the ground and even Drogov’s explosive elixirs merely rattled the beast into action instead of driving it off. I was able to try another of the new spells my research has revealed to me. As there is no such thing as fire I was able to change the nature of the fire I throw and in doing so cast forth a sizzling bolt of electricity burning and scorching the beast as it reared over the prone bodies of Drogov and my lord Karl. The thing shook off the damage inflicted as if it was rain. But it had been hurt and with Ladies Vaszilla and Zeleny striking in concert we poured on the punishment; sword, spell and bow. Finally Drogov worked his way free of the beast and dropped a few more of his bombs this time to greater effect finishing the beast.
The further south we range the more terrible the beasts are and the true impact of civilization’s absence becomes clearer. It almost seems as if the wilds between us and Mivon are a fenced yard filled with horrors intended to discourage Imperial Brevoy from marching South. In any case we destroyed the beast with no clue as to a nest or mate or anything of the like.
On a reassuring note I think Ritter and Gorst’s comments may have found fertile soil. At no time did I endanger myself needlessly and I struck against the thing with impunity aiding my companions to great effect. No doubt in part to my comrades giving it too many options to strike at therefore sparing me its not inconsiderable wrath.

1st of Sarenith (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

I cannot sleep this night; I have seen the lost city in the mists. The island in the southern Tuskwater is the last mist shrouded remains of Nal Vashkin, it just has to be. The magics surrounding it are still potent a thousand years later as the others were unable to even talk about the thing let alone acknowledge the island’s presence. Even the steel trap that is Drogov’s mind was unable to wrap itself around it until we were discussing things later on that evening after we had settled into camp for the night. Obsession or the exploration and neutralization of a very real threat? Damn Ritter and his perceptive eyes. What lies on the island? Hidden threats or tools to aid us in our struggles against internal and external threats; and would my exploration of the place rouse the green lady that destroyed Xak Tsaroth and hid Nal Vahkin in the mists in the first place? Can we afford to do nothing? I fear the consequences of faulty judgement. This requires further study and a great deal of thought. Perhaps the plates I recovered from Xak Tsaroth will reveal more. Konrad will be coming soon perhaps he will pierce the veils that I cannot. Do I dare bring any of the others? My powers grow more potent as the days pass but my ability to flee an untenable situation is sorely limited. I would have to abandon all but one of my comrades should the island prove more of a challenge than we are currently prepared for.

2nd of Sarenith (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

It is good to be back at Karlsburg. This place has quickly become home especially now that Leveton is soured on us thanks to Grigori. it still gnaws at me that the man could twist words so well as to undermine the people’s support to such a degree. I wonder as to who he served and why such a subtle tool.
My work here begins apace. I am going to dig through the few tomes I have access to here regarding the green lady and her struggles against the Kyruic peoples that used to rule here. “Reflections of dappled sunlight off a calm pool”. A polite nothing, a truthful and very fey title or a deceptively calm and soothing title for a vengeful mad woman. Perhaps Zeleny and Drogov will be able to help me sort through the lies and half turths. I may need to visit Father Gregor, he seems well versed in old lore. Having raised Zeleny perhaps he delved deep into the lore of her people. There must be a way to verify at least the nature of the risk and thus prepare for it. I still can’t shake this damned if we do and damned if we don’t feeling. Perhaps tomorrow will bring answers.



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