Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 17)

8th Desnus (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

Damn his eyes! The mummers farce continues apace. Not only does he stay safely out of reach Grigori also manages to cast doubt on the Baron’s character yet again. A hut covered in blood and no body with no perpetrator in sight says magic and a ruse that is meant to play to the peasants already riled imaginations.
It is especially suspicious that all this occurs after the Baron’s very public exile of the damned man and the order to arrest him if he speaks in public. Now all and sundry think he had the bastard killed and then hid the body. I suppose with Grigori’s work so well done in advance of all this it is easy to see how the obvious nature of the planted knife could be believed as truth.
At least the fools held their tongues while Zhenya and Sir Otto were interred in the Leveton cemetery. I must commend Father Kavken on the Zone of truth. The use of the trial and the confirmation of the reality of the situation seems to have settled our more common sense subjects. Now if we could just get the rest to see sense.

10th of Desnus (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

My Lord Baron Van Allegmund has determined that a little distance from Leveton will do us all some good. Perhaps, he is right. The new beginnings here in Karlsburg are refreshing and the sight of workmen scurrying around the half ruined keep the Stag Lord was using as his base lightens my heart. The capital will rise up and the people of the Barony will have two cities to rally around. The key here is getting it built before Grigori’s minions bring the whole thing down around our ears.

12th of Desnus (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

The lands south of Tatzlford needed to be explored. And what a better time to do so than right now? We have found yet another lost temple formerly dedicated to Erastil. It seems the cult of “Old Deadeye” was strong in these lands once upon a time. How many times has civilization risen up only to be cast down again? Are the Fey responsible for catastrophic rejection of the development of civilization here?
Still we explored and defeated another Kobold Sorcerer and freed a small band of the black skinned kobolds captured by the Leafscale tribe with their fighting force reduced to almost nothing I left very plain messages on the wall threatening to starve them out if they do not move south and out of our lands. The temple will make quite the retreat once it is sorted out and restored to its former glory. Father Gregor and his fellow priests will be happy to assist I am sure and their presence will lend itself to reminding the local peasantry of the greater good which right now we need as the inevitable conflict between the Fey and the woodsmen needs to be minimized and averted if possible.

14th Desnus (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

Well I spoke to soon. The confrontation has already begun. I have finally met the nymph Syntira. She is quite enchanting as are all her kind but the water leaves me cold. Her way of defending the grove by the pool she was inhabiting was quite an education. The enchantment of the Fey woman was not just in her beauty but in the magic about her. I am sure those two woodsmen would have stood guard until they wasted away if we hadn’t intervened. Nethys’ bloody hands the woodsmen were put out but at least we came up with a compromise that seems to work for both sides. How long we can walk that thin line will be the trick indeed.
16th of Desnus (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)
I am not sure but someone or something that looked like Bokken attacked us today. A skilled alchemist he seemed quite sane at first but he very quickly turned on us and almost killed my horse of all things. Luckily, Sir Karl struck the man a solid blow to the chest and he died after a short sharp struggle. At first I thought it was Bokken gone mad that we had faced. After all he is only a small step from the edge as it is. Once we examined his hut ingeniously built in the bole of a mighty Oak we realized that this was a being either warped by or mocking the skills and abilities the old man possessed.

18th of Desnus (the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

Sometimes I wished the old tales warned us of the down side to battling creatures with little regard for their own folk. Having decimmated the shattered skull Gnolls the the survivors were given leave to depart the field of battle as long as they took the journey to the southern tip of the Tusk water. Victory does not smell so sweet when you see the old and the infirm left behind by their kin; left with the options of follow or starve slowly. Just like the Leafscale Kobolds left behind at the temple. The Gnolls were so pathetic that Lord Karl gave the order that they leave his lands and then road off not looking back to see if they followed his commands at all.
One positive part of the last couple days of our journey was the arrival of V.V. Nikitin who came to advise Baron Karl that she had been affianced to the Baron Chamkov. The old man’s relief was palpable. He then went on to invite Baron Van Allegmund to the wedding. On the plus side of things I will no longer have to write those letters to the countess on behalf of the Baron.
One thing that chills me to the bone. I have just had a thought and will take a closer look at things upon my return to Leveton. The “Forgotten” looks almost like a “Tiefling” the mortal get of some foul Hellspawn and a mortal maiden. Nethys preserve us all if that is the case. I will keep my suspicions to myself for now but upon the return of Lord Karl to Leveton I will have words with him. I wonder at the wisdom of placing Karl’s seal on any letter we send away with them. Even though a letter to Sir Otto’s father is appropriate I fear what they may do with some enchantment and the actual waxen imprint. Perhaps, they would use it to implicate My lordship in yet another case of skullduggery. My head hurts with all the possibilities, I was not made for such thoughts let alone the plots within plots they spring from.



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