Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 14)

1st of Desnus (11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

The peace has been broken again; this time shattered by the assault of the full fighting force of Gnolls that call themselves the Shattered Skull. With the outrider given a new mount I raced with him to the Kobold settlement. Sootscales and MekMek needed to be rallied and pointed in the right direction. The Kobolds are geniuses within the narrow scope of their interests but in order to avoid any chance of mixed priorities I went personally to rally them and guide them to the rally point to insure their aid was not disrupted by ill chance or spent uselessly in an attack on the superior Gnoll forces. If used correctly they will tip the balance nicely in our favour but they have to be in the right place at the right time.

2nd of Desnus (11th year of the reign of Noleski Surtova)

The Kobolds moved quickly once rallied and I used their familiarity with the outlying stretches of the lands south and West of their village to our advantage. We encountered a small band of the green scaled kobolds that have recently moved north as part of the invasion and wiped them out almost to a man.
I once again have to admit to being graced with luck, this time with the lay out of the attack. Half remembered tactics from my days watching father drill the other Von Allegmund soldiers must have stuck with me because otherwise pure chance guided the ordering of the battle and the destruction of the enemy Kobolds. The few prisoners we took readily admitted to being part of a larger force headed for the Fangberry Farms and the bridges over the Thorn. Sootscales and MekMek sent them back to the Silver mines with the intent to use them as slaves. These Kobolds are more human than most men would care to admit. They inflict cruelty on their own kind simply based on scale colour and being dumb enough to support the losing side in a conflict. One thing that is starting to bother me is the Kobolds since our crushing victory have started referring to me as “Soopreem Kommander Of Kobolds Kaspar” as if by giving them sensible direction in battle it elevates me above the average human, whom they consider crazy at best and stupid at worst. Karl will laugh when he hears it especially considering my tactical strengths to date have been limited to the appropriate application of fire.

3rd of Desnus (11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

Racing along the Thorn we managed through magic and Drogov’s odd Bird companion to coordinate our strike and due in no small part to the bravery of Karl’s troops we managed to draw the Gnolls in and then my Kobolds hit them from behind. Surprise and numbers turning what could have been a bloody fight into a rout. Again, the sensible use of the Kobold troops and the minimal casualties they were dealt has led the Kobolds to consider myself and Drogov to be the source of any cunning found among the Erholtian troops. They seemed shocked not to have been thrown into the meat grinder. Perhaps they have been used as expendable shock troops time and time again by so many different masters over so many of their short lived kinds’ lifetimes that now they instinctively expect it. Perhaps, it could be argued, this is also the source of their belief that humans are all “so stoopid”. An interesting paper to work on over the winter months should things calm down again.
Karl quick marched us down to the Fangberry farmsteads and using Captain General Garess’ resurrected Strelsye to hammer home our position we drew out the Gnolls and shattered them. Mad Old Bogdanov would have been proud. We managed to track down the leader and his body guard and while it was touch and go for a bit we managed to defeat the troll. The Baron was beaten almost to a pulp by the small tree the Troll was using as a club. How do you tell a man to be more careful when that willingness to step into the gap and put himself in harm’s way is a part of what makes him great? Luckily Drogov and I were able to pin the monster down with fire and Vaszilla and Zeleny finished him.
Back to Leveton to re-equip and then off to explore the southern reaches of these lands we now call home. I begin to fear that the Trolls we have been facing are using an old Kyuric City as their base. Somewhere, near the shores of what is now the Tuskwater lies a potential treasure trove of old knowledge and relics of unknown potency. I hate being wrong but this is one time that I wouldn’t mind.



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