Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 11)

22nd of Erastus (in the 10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

Sweet fresh air… so rare in the big cities of Brevoy I honestly did not realize how much I missed it until it was restored by the last few days of travel back through the Margreve. The forest seems more alive this time through and oddly aggressive. A larger form of the twiglings that we fought at the monastery tried to stand against Baron Von Allegmund. The thunderous clash was truly awe inspiring especially when my lord’s cold iron struck true against the knightly mockery and split in twain as if it was a log under a woodsman’s axe. Odd though that the forest would send but one assailant against us rather than a small horde. Perhaps, the knight is the forest’s dreams of the armoured men that roam its eaves.

24th of Erastus (in the 10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

Lavorca is gone… the witch’s talons five long furrows that are all that remains of the people we met and planned with. Oddly out of time if the Kariv wood cutter is to be believed. I would love to spend a winter questioning one of their wisemen with a priest on hand to sift the lies from the truth. Too many times the other peoples of Imperial Brevoy have treated the Kariv as simple outlaws for any chance of the whole truth to be possible. He made his pronouncements about the people of Lavorca and their fate and then settled in to play his pipes. The sadness in his playing echoed that sadness I felt from the final sounding of the Fey horn that summoned the shadow court for the Dragon’s coronation. Lending credence to the Kariv’s tale was Zeleny’s disappearance through a weak spot in the walls between this world and the first. Luckily I spotted the gap and was able to reach out to her and pull her through. Again, I step into the breach as if I had a death wish. Perhaps my repudiation of the Eisenvolk’s plans for the Von Allegmunds is simply another manifestation of that urge to self destruction. As it was fortune smiled on me yet again. How many times will I roll the dice before St. Nethys calls me home?

25th of Erastus (the 10th year of Noleski Surtova’s Regency)

Our return to Oleg’s was a welcome relief and the source of more puzzles. Mek Mek was waiting for us although not in the manner I think he wished. Caged and awaiting our return he was being tormented by some of the children that arrived with the new settlers. Not everyone is as willing to see beyond the book’s cover as Karl is. Perhaps further proof that tying myself to his fate is still the correct path. The news is dire although how much so I am not sure. The Mivonese representative is a Necromancer, possibly THE necromancer, and he took the body of the slain red Kobold TarTuk the great. I am sure it bodes ill for the future but how much so I have no idea. With the writs from the chancellor and Karl’s new titles the next few months will be interesting and busy.

7th of Arodus (in the 10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

Gods I hate this! I must have been the servant of a foul Demon or Devil in a past life because having to recruit that toad Yuripol to do the work of the Barony’s treasurer was pure agony that had to be torture straight out of the darkest pits of the Netherworld. On the plus side his willingness to crunch the numbers and keep track of the settlers and their taxes means I am free to act as my lord’s representative. The first such task fell to me as Master Ruslan Bramov the Envoy of Baron Drelev arrived from the west to discuss mutually beneficial trade arrangements. Luckily he was a reasonable man and I was able to conclude the first of many deals on behalf of the Baron. We may have even come out a little ahead.*

12th of Arodus (in the 10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

We received a short visit from the envoy of Baron Chamov. Apparently, his Lordship was more than willing to give us preferential treatment and trade deals in exchange for some time hosted while boar hunting in the Narlmarches. Knowing that Karl is a fan of the sport it was easy to agree and find something they could spare that we needed for our Barony. It seems that as long as I deal with the locals the tiresome nature of my role will be kept to a minimum and we may still gain from these visits. At worst we get a distraction from the mad crush that is the expansion of the Barony.

24th of Arodus (in the 10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

An interesting problem has arrived on our doorstep and my lord has found an elegant solution to the problem. An Osstian noble whose family has a reputation for burning Numerian villages and the adventuring band that he travels with. They call themselves the Grey Geese after the heraldry of the the young Osstian’s coat of arms. Karl has asked them to prove themselves by holding the ruined fortress that had previously been the Stag Lord’s base. Karl has plans for the keep but it will take time to implement those plans and the last thing we need is to fight our way through it a second time.

23rd of Rova (in the 10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

So much to do and so little time to record it. Much of the last month has been spent making sure the requisitioned materials actually get to the right spot at the right time. The council is in full gear for too much to do for any of the typical infighting seen in more established courts. Karl has taken to his role like a duck to water. He lives and breathes the laws of the land and his sense of justice tends to bring out the best in his new subjects. He has clearly decided that this time and this place will be seized and used to make something better for those around him.

13th of Lamashan (in the 10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

The Harvest goes well. Much better than we had any right to expect considering how late many of our people planted their crops. It seems I am constantly being asked to assess and confirm the reactions of our neighbors for each step that we take. The Mivonese will need to be dealt with especially considering the Necromancer that seems to work for them. Karl seems to have no designs on their territory but who knows, the sword lords may in fact draw his ire. The forces we have gathered to our banner are well motivated and trained by Knight Captain Garess but are too few even if they are backed up by Sootscales kobolds. We would need some great influx of folk from the North. So Busy I almost forgot my birthday is coming up must remember to send something off to my brother. Perhaps with a message asking for word if the Eisenvolk are willing to support my descision or if we should be watching our backs even closer than we already are.

18th of Neth (in the 11th year of the Rule of Noleski Surtova)

Beaver pelts and the 10 dozen streams and rivers of the Greenbelt have added a pleasant boost to our economy. I will never understand the whims of the fashionistas that swarm around the Imperial court. We will still take their money as it funds the Barony’s rapid growth. Which I have to admit is slowing with the early advent of the winter. Some biting cold days and the first couple snowfalls arrived a couple weeks early and if it weren’t for the jovial energy of Baron Chamov and his men the dreary season would have set in. Abadar above I have never seen a man unconscious from the drink drain a last tankard of Ale without actually looking at it. I am getting a hangover just thinking about it and I didn’t get stuck drinking until dawn like Karl did. The hunt itself went well and the Baron has already extorted promises for next year’s hunt out of Karl.

8th of Kuthona (in the 11th year of the rule of Noleski Surtova)

On the road to Restov for a series of meetings. I hope to gain promises of Brevoyan and Osstian Artisans among future settlers. As much as the Barony needs the additional bodies we need quality folk who bring both energy and skill to the table. Hopefully, the contacts I have made dealing with our immediate neighbours will help. My goal with recruiting northerners for the Barony is to thin out the Rostland blood in Karl’s lands. An broader mix of folk will lend itself to tension but in time give us a land with no strong ties to any specific part of the Empire.
More importantly it is time to start laying the groundwork for Karl’s future. Now that we’re almost ready to rebuild the keep on the Tuskwater it is time to consider whom we wish to ally with and what possible alliances we want to cement with a marriage.


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Kaspar's Journal (session 11)

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