Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (session 10)

3rd of Erastus (10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

The mission as such seems complete; the Stag lord and the twisted nature priest who was his father are dead, his followers slain or scattered as well. Combined with the lifting of the curse that Bill Nettles’ Spectre laid upon us things are wrapping up nicely. I will admit to no small fear when the Stag Lord’s spirit was rent from his mortal remains. I had no idea that the spirits of the dead were so tightly bound to their corpses. The ranseur we were gifted with draws me to it although I know not why. Perhaps this place is working its will on myself as well. How to explain it all is troubling me. Sending off my final report to Yuripol will be a pleasure. The petty bureaucrat will not be missed. I wonder if the Regent will have other “work” for us. Perhaps, we will see upon our arrival in New Stetvin. It would explain our summons to the court.
An interesting development is Vaszilla’s new friend, a big cat that has been hunted into extinction in the rest of Brevoy, the Brevoyan Tiger. Perhaps there is something more going on beyond their shared demeanor. It is too coincidental that we saved the beast and now it seems intent on warming Vaszilla’s feet. So many things out of the ordinary in this land. I may lobby to stay, the need for further study promises results and benefits greater than any political maneuvering that I may be able to assist with. Now if only I can convince Sir Carl of the need to stay, his desire to go forth and do good across the land a barrier to any long term residence here. Maybe I can sell it too him as a forward base of operations. Something will come to me I’m sure.
My faith in my former master is at an all time low. Master Ostenenko is clearly a self important fool. I hope to Abadar and all his saints that it is a facade concealing a mind like a steel trap and power most puissant. After our return from New Stetvin I will have to check on him and hope for the best. Another, more powerful, Ostel is not what I had in mind when I sent letters north asking for aid.

6th of Erastus (10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

The Margreve is certainly a place out of time. The accents these people have is closer to the pure Kyuric tongue than any group of modern speakers I have met so far. On the other hand they also speak in a self referential way that makes my head spin. Thank the saints we didn’t act pre-emptively and strike down the goody Magritte. Bertalan in his madness is a trial on all his folk. On the plus side the beer we had was good and I will happily return with spices and cheese for a small keg or two. Lazlo seemed interested enough in the spices that I might be able to arrange something with Oleg upon our return.

11th of Erastus (10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

We have arrived! The great city is truly a marvel and we are being hosted as heroes of the empire. Rykov the major-domo is an extremely efficient man who has a staff clearly composed of Djinn and other magical folk in order to provide such excellence so quickly. I did think he was having a minor heart attack while processing Sir Carl’s announcement that we were our own baggage train; and that we had little or no court worthy clothing. A rather comic Andoran by the name of Olivari has been commissioned to make our court clothes. I wish I had been a fly on the wall when he had his interview with Vaszilla. He must have come within a hair’s breadth of losing a limb.
Rykov has already provided me with the name of a spice merchant in the city who I am sure will be able to provide any, and all, spices I may need. I wonder what the Regent has planned for us? Perhaps, an offer as commissioned officers in Von Beckendorf’s Gendarmes? We do well against bandits and the gendarmes are increasingly in charge of the border regions.

12th of Erastus (10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

Sir Carl is to be Baron! admittedly of a newly claimed border region that has been less than civilized over the last 25 years and abuts next to territory claimed by the Aldori sword lords in exile(the City State of Mivon). The Regent clearly has faith in our abilities and the chancellor Count Vyacheslav laid out their desires for this operation to not only succeed but succeed handily and provided all the support we should need. Considering the penalty for failure they definitely see our odds as better than 50%. I hope I got across the Eisenberg “I will die trying.” I wonder if all the Surtovas are as imposing as the Lord Chancellor and his brother the Regent? I also wonder how things escalated so quickly.
The die is cast one way or another. Sir Carl had dinner with his father this evening and what should have been a pleasant round of congratulations and toasts over a job well done turned into the virtual disowning of my lordship and my breaking with the Eisenvolk if they try to remove Carl from the playing field. I do not know what truly transpired between the Von Allegmunds but the leaders of the Eisenvolk sent an Assassin of some sort along with the Von Allegmunds to order me to try and ensure that Carl follows his father’s will. I hope they listen to my assessment of the situation. I misslike the idea of having to murder my way through my kin. In spite of that they will all burn if they try to trigger the war they seem to believe in by throwing Sir Carl to the wolves. I hope the unrest that seems to be sweeping the land will distract them all long enough to see sense.
Meanwhile, that very plague of uncontrolled change is spreading like the flames of a brushfire. Drogov said that a demagogue by the name of Brandauer was in the city being hunted by the gendarmes as he spread his version of the truth. Always someone willing to take a good idea and turn it into a hydra with 12 heads lashing out at all around it. The common folk need to be heard I agree but putting actual power in their hands seems like putting lightning into the hands of a three year old.

14th of Erastus (10th year of the Regency of Noleski Surtova)

It is done. Baron S. Von Allegmund and his cronies seemed to be the only ones not pleased by the elevation of Baron M. I. Chomkov and Baron C. Von Allegmund. It grows more and more apparent that the Empire is coming apart at the seams and it may be that having a pair of vital warriors on the southern border is the Surtovas’ way to ensure their external enemies aren’t able to move quickly or quietly when the internal enemies make their move. All the empire needs is for the Mivonese to leap across the border and reunite with Rostland while Brevoy struggles to put down rebellion in Osstia. No one seems to think of the human factor not even this Brandauer fellow who is stirring up the common folk in a fashion that worries me as it smacks far too much of a Galtian purge of the upper classes.
On the plus side of things the Medveyed Countesss seemed quite taken with Dame Zeleny so hopefully that may be turned to our advantage. Baron Chomkov has the look of a warrior; let us hope he has the eye of a tactician if the tribes that live in his newly minted Barony are as restless as he claims. We will be in no position to aid him against them or defend against the tribes if things go poorly for our neighbour. We leave in a day or two hopefully the empire will resist the urge to come apart at the seams a little longer.



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