Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Kaspar's Journal (Session 1)

28th of Pharast (10th year of the Regency)

Well the die has been cast. Our hearts and minds now solely devoted to the task at hand. Perhaps once on the road to Fort Serenko I will shake this sense of impending doom. At least the Restovian isn’t a total loss. Clearly a man of no small education the Drogov should make the journey more interesting. The clerk on the other hand while a good soul is clearly not cut out for sudden change… the look on his face when he was told he would be the relay man in this strange adventure almost made me laugh out loud. The only real sour note is the Lord Mayor’s certainty that I am right and we are nought but bandit bait.

31st of Pharast (10th year of the Regency)

I’d forgotten how endless these roads are. three days and we are barely over the halfway mark in the journey to Serenko. The Vernal Equinox has brought a bit of good fortune our way. An Erastillian priestess was guided by some odd dreams to the cross roads we just passed and thanks to my lordship’s quick wit has agreed to join us. She is clearly fey touched and thank St. Nethys for small mercies she has their heightened enthusiasms. With a proper healer as part of our band I am starting to feel confident of our chances of success.

2nd of Gozrem (10th year of the Regency)

Our arrival at Fort Serenko couldn’t have come soon enough. A week on the road had me ready for a little civilization… even the sort found out here on the border. The local Count is a broken remnant of the Medyev rise in power and a good sort happy to feel that he is good company for the noble born. My sense of foreboding has returned though with his added certainty that ours is a fool’s errand. Still, he hosted us well and if we have unexpected success he will prove invaluable in smoothing the way for supplies and trade goods. St Nethys preserve us I hope he is wrong.

3rd of Gozrem (10th year of the Regency)

I ALMOST DIED!!! I cannot believe it. Perhaps the strain of prophecy has resurfaced in me. Less than two hours from the Fort we stumble upon the scene of a murder and when we track down the culprit it turns out to be one of our Fey companion’s darker Kin. Kin that I might add that I’d thought was only a story to frighten naughty children. That thing practically skewered me with a sharpened hunk of bone. May I never meet another of the Grendel-kin as long as I so live. It had weird magics about it shielding it from my Lord Karl’s steel but once Lady Zeleny healed me (by Erastil’s generous hand) the arrows from our fey lady drove the beast off and once cornered my fires proved those magics the weaker. No small treasure was in the beast’s horde ensuring the next few months will go well.
One thing that worries me… I know now that I have the Eisenberg blood in full. Herr Karl charged after the beast and with nary a thought to my near passing I charged through the brush after them to live or die and my lord’s side. I had hoped that my more Arcane education had freed me from that reckless lack of self preservation.

8th of Gozrem (10th year of the Regency)

Well, thank the gods and all their saints… not only did we beat the bandits plaguing Oleg and his traders, we did so handily. Apparently without the fell magics of the Svart Alfar to deflect his blows my lordship is a one man army. We do have to work on our co-ordination though; the green lady’s ill timed arrows almost cost us our prisoners. As it was, Drogov’s quick thinking and alchemist’s fire was all the assistance I needed to stop the lookout and his cowardly companion dead in their tracks. A delay that allowed my lord to rout the other bandits and cut off any hope of escape. If they have not lost or recruited any more to their murderous band we have seven left to go. At least they will have no intelligence on our numbers and abilities which will go a long way to keeping us all alive. Let us hope that Oleg can give us some real information about the area and potential hiding places. The more we know the better prepared we will be and the less likely our deaths (in some random cat and mouse) become.


Well done MTaoist. Like the St Nethys bit, and the “fell magics” to explain Zolic’s terrible rolls in the first fight.

Kaspar's Journal (Session 1)

He goes a bit more. I had to edit the original rather than simply post over it.

Kaspar's Journal (Session 1)

Okay, I think the key in the future is to create a new entry, perhaps numbering the entries by session? That way we will get a proper ascending column, with newer entries on the top, and older ones on the bottom. No need to do that for your first two entries. Brilliant work, I’m really enjoying these.

Kaspar's Journal (Session 1)

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