Heirs of the Stolen Lands

Father Kavken's Journal (Interlude 3)

By the grace of Abadar, Master of the First Vault, I have been delivered!

The Judge of Judges set before me a gruelling sentence for my shortcomings. In the Wilderness I was captured by bandits, who held me prisoner for weeks. Although well-healed now, and comforted by kindly folk, stout walls, and a bowl of Goodwife Leveton’s wonderful moonradish stew, my hands shake as I think back to that durance vile. Nor is the irony lost to me, that I, a humble servant of the Master of the Vault, was locked within a small cage.

I will not record what dark events occurred while I was imprisoned. The Great Builder tests each of his tools, the marks of that test I will carry with me until the end of my days.

Yet neither does the Great Builder discard his tools, nor treat them carelessly. My deliverance came at the hands of a company of five young heroes, a band of companions as unlikely as I could ever have imagined.

In their company I have travelled to a small trade post on this violent frontier, a flower of civilization amid the weeds of the Wilderness. And all my doubts and fears, the shadows of temptation, faded. For I see now the task the Great Builder has set before me. I see that my trial, my darkest moments, and my captivity were all set to prepare me. Before the Great Builder strikes with the adze He must sharpen it. Before he cuts the lumber He must measure it. And before He erects His vault He layeth forth His plans.

These heroes seek to tame a land fraught with lawlessness. I shall aid them as they require it, and act as a guide to the many who must follow them, for in doing so I aid the Master of the Vault. Civilization will conquer the Wilderness. The Great Builder’s Work lies before us.



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